What We Offer

  • We offer green products safe for you and your house hold which are effective in keeping your house in top shape. All rags and mops are washed and disinfected everyday.
  • We do high dusting (removal of cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, ceiling fans, vigas, and baseboards.
  • We dust all your furniture and all wooden accents. We vacuum your sofas as well.
  • We dust and clean all your picture frames, mirrors, computers and televisions.
  • We clean your stove, refrigerator and your microwave (inside and out).
  • We clean your bathrooms and remove hard water rings and mildew from toilets, sinks, and showers and doors.
  • We vacuum all corners and edges of carpets and floors (special vacuum for each use).

Complimentary services:

  • We will clean your oven.
  • We will light clean your refrigerator from the inside.
  • We will fold clothes for you (up to two loads of clothes that you washed).
  • We will sweep your main patio.
  • We will clean your entrance windows.